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Great website here as I have been getting a lot of useful info. Thanks.

About me; I retired from the USMC after 20 years honorable service and have been retired since October 2000.

I moved to live in Thailand after retirement and built a home on the border of Thailand and Cambodia.

I did nothing but ride Motorcycles, fish and go off road in the mountains and jungles with my ZOOK (Suzuki Jeep) for 6 years here and then I started working again in the capital of Thailand Bangkok as the Deputy Managing Director of an International Company. We do personnel outsourcing mainly to the oil and gas industries both on and off shore.

I was last in the USA 4 years ago for 1 week seeing family and friends in Florida.

I have a BMW 318i that I drive daily to and from work and sometimes on the weekends if not on a motorcycle or off road in my ZOOK.

I like the power and the feel of the BMW and it's cornering capabilities most.

Well enough about me. Thanks for letting me join this website...

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Welcome to the Werkz. Enjoy your time here and make sure you join in the conversations, post plenty of photos of your car and the places that you go.
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