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Hello there. I was given my 528i (2000) as a gift from my BF in June. I love it! I have posted a thread with some questions / error codes that came off it and am waiting for a reply but in the meantime, I absolutely love my car!

At first my kids thought it was a 'granny car' as they are used to the souped up Mustangs my BF has. I will post those pics once he gets it back from the shop (he is having it repainted~ it looks awesome and is pushing over 400hp). But once they started riding in it with the power leather seats, sunroof and other luxeries that come in this model they soon stated I was the coolest Mom around!

Gotta love it!! Anyway, I have read a lot of interesting information and know this will be a great place to research!

This is the begining of a beautiful relationship! Talk at you all very soon!

- Karen / Jazzie
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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