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I need to buy headlights for my car. Don't have a clue where to start. Lots of info around the forum, I know. But i hve to admit, lots of words!!
Are Xenons the bulbs? Need to buy the actual angel eye units, then brighter bulbs? Are there good ones and bad ones to get/avoid?
Help in simple terms please guys? Rough costs (in £ is poss)
Many many thanks

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Do you currently have Xenons? Or are you looking to upgrade?

Angel eye's are purely for looks and don't offer anymore visibility while driving at night...and they simply install into your existing headlights.

This is for your 2000 318 e46 right?

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If this is for an E46 I recommend the following:

DEPO Projector 46: upgrade to projector low beam with Angel Eye capability
DDM 55 watt HID kit: 6000K color temperature highly recomended
Umnitza Predator Orion V2: AE's include 60LED's per ring, super bright and look sick.

Most of this info can be found here, at CA Automotive. I also am assuming you're in the UK which is why I supplied them as a possible retailer.
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