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I was reading a thread from March where head gasket problems were discussed.

My 2000 328i is currently in the BMW shop with apparent head gasket problems - or maybe worse...

I'm freaking out. I've had this car for three years and it has run well. I've truly enjoyed the thing. I've even taking it to the track once. Great fun. In fact it still runs well - no sign of compression leak, missing, coughing, lagging, etc. But I have oil in the coolant and coolant in the oil. It has overheated twice. Once when the coolant bottle broke. Didn't drive it at all - towed it to a shop and they replaced the bottle. No problems until recently, coolant got low (unbeknownst to me) and overheated. Again, immediately stopped, refilled with coolant and then discovered the oil/coolant problem.

My questions is, It got in the the red zone twice in three years and I toasted the gasket - warped/cracked the head, or in some way jacked up the block?? Really?

I took it to an indi shop and they charged me a fortune and I still had the problem when I got it back. So I took it to BMW to get it fixed. I'll talk to ____ indi shop owner if it turns out he indeed ripped me off. But, yikes... is this really the case with this engine? A couple of relatively minor overheating episodes and I have to rebuild the engine or possibly replace it.

Is this the same experience others have had?

(By the way, I jacked up my login and had to re-register. I have been a member ever since I got the car)

Thanks in advanced for all your help and feedback!
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