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When -- Saturday, Jan 17th, 1:30 in the afternoon
Why -- Because this saturday meet was hella fun.. and we are hoping for more cars to show up including BMW's and AUDI.
Where -- Rockville Maryland @ Silver Diner on Rockville Pike ( We had some confusion about wheree evveryone was meeting because of all the people parked in the silver diner parking lot, although we found a sweet parking lot directly next to the silver diner parking lot, YOU CANT MISS IT. Its a wide open parking next to the diner lot with a bunch of stretched SUV Limos. very easy to find.)
Who -- This time we are looking for any dubber who wants to join, from any area. bring friends. (BMW,AUDI,VW)
Whats to do -- Come hungry because we will eat at the diner after everyone arrives and we shoot the shyt some, After Lunch we will take a cruise But the cruise destination is not set in stone yet. suggestions?

NOTE: Dress Warm !!!!

I hope to see YOU there

Questions? -- AOL/AIM: Sp0ngeRobb

(I am looking to get some sweet BMW's into our crowed..Althought I am a VW man I have a great respect for BMW's..and would love to have some of you join us for the GTG and Cruise...the cruise would be hella fun with some M3's ripping by :yup )


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