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Got a ticket tonight

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kind of a funny story.

so we are in the middle of moving this weekend and we are busy taking loads down to our new place. Well I was driving the chevy blazer and my wife was driving my car. So we are driving down main street and I realize I have never heard the sound of my car from the outside. So I motion my wife to take off at WOT and I punch it so I can kind of keep up and hear....well one minute later we both got pulled over but two different cops, one that saw us and other that was down the street.

so she gets pulled over by the cop that saw and the other one pulls me over. The one that pulls me over says I was doing 60 and was racing...blah blah blah. Well I personally don't think I was doing 60 so I argue a little bit. Cop takes a few minutes and comes back with a ticket, says he is only going to write me up for 10 over. He doesn't give me a racing ticket, the guy was actually pretty cool.

So here is the thing. I know I was in the wrong for speeding and I am totally willing to pay the ticket, but I think I might have a few options.

He told me I can go to traffic school and the ticket won't show up on my record, this is probably what I will do. But the other cop told my wife he clocked her at 60, well if she was going 60 then there is no possible way I was going 60 as well, the blazer couldn't keep up with the ///M if my life depended on it. So here is what I think, if he clocked her going 60 there is no way he even clocked me at all. Do you think it would be worth going to court and trying to fight my ticket or should I just pay it and go to traffic school.

PS, the wife got a ticket for going 9 over!

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ya u can go for drivin school and get it taken bro had 12 points on his record(the max until you get ur lin. taken away) and he had to take it to get his lin. back and he has a clean record now of points
dont fight it for sure. but that would be so awesome to get a cop fired for lying or atleast suspended. but once again dont fight it the system will previal.... sieg hiel bush
dont fight it? are you crazy? #1 first determine whether or not he actually clocked you, #2, even if he didnt, check on the last time his radar gun was calibrated (my dad has gotten many people off on that alone) #3, fines arent the problem, its points, goto driving school if you must, and try to fight the wifey's ticket
Plain and were speeding so pay the pauper!! He did give you a break, right?? Don't kick a gift horse in the mouth..
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go to traffic school and fight your wifes ticket
why make cars that go 0 to 60 in 5 seconds if the speed limit is 30? i never understood that. <_<

if you can open it up, you should be able to, in a safe matter
damn right donut
the more I think about the more he didn't cut me a break, if he clocked my wife at 60 in the M3 the most I was doing was 50, max. So really there is no break, speed limit was 40. I might fight but most likely I won't.
if you have the opportunity to take traffic school do it so you dont have points on your license and fight your wifes ticket...
why would I fight the wifes ticket, she was going faster then me and the one he clocked at 60. She was driving the ///M
Well if you do fight it and the cop is a 'no show', you win.. ;)
true ski, but if the cop does show up, cant the judge give you a huge fine or something? IMO, you dont have anything good enough for the judge to wave your ticket.

Sooner has your answer!

Take that shit to court! :)
My last one was dropped competely. An atty friend of mine knew someone at the DA's office. He made a call and the DA "declined to presecute". The atty didn't charge me anything (but I bought he and his wife a $50 Olive Garden gift certificate since they are friends/coworkers of mine). That was much better than I expected. The key thing is keeping it off your record, one way or another.
How about this for an idea: Go to traffic school to keep you license clean.

If you like, do some track days and get some tuition. Everyone can use it, you more than most from the sounds of it. If you want to drive way over the speed limit do it on the track. You'll have the satisfaction of driving a good course, improving your driving skills, and the rest of us'll be happier that you're not behaving like a 16 year old assh*le on public roads putting us at risk. Hell, if you want to listen to your car's exhaust note you could even ask someone to drive your car for you on the track.

Point being: keep it on the track.
or better yet...take it to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the desert somewhere
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