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Good Price for 97 M3

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Hello Everyone,

I am new here and currently own a 2K3 6-spd Maxima. I'm interested in switching over to the good guys "BMW" with a '97 M3. I found a '97 Red M3 Sedan with the 5-spd with 26,000 miles and the current price is $25,500. Is this a good offer?? What should I be paying for this car?? I think it's loaded with HK sound, wheels, onboard computer, etc...

Any insight is greatly appreciated...

Thank You.

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I paid just over $18k for a 97 M3/4 5 speed with Dinan intake, software, supersprint exhaust, 18" BBS wheels. It had 75k miles when I bought it.

I think around 22k-23k would be a good price for that car. Make sure you get a pre purchase inspection done first. Also check to see if it has any accidents, that's pretty rare to only have 26k miles on a '97.

Good Luck! It's an awesome car and you will love it.
22 or 23... I'm having difficulty having them go below 24.7 on the car. After looking at the car, it's the best looking 6 year old car I have every seen. Every single aspect of this M3 is mint. I was unable to find one flaw in it's mechanics, paint, leather, etc... This car was baby'd by somebody and has a clean carfax report. Is 24k fair for this fine auto??



Well I guess it all depends on what you are willing to pay. Is the car worth 24.7 to you, if so then buy it. A car is only worth as much as you are willing to pay for it.
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