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Hey you guys, is there anybody in the Dallas area that can help me get my top down on my 1998 325i convertable. It needs to be reset but the little allen wrench that puts the auto top down will take forever (i twisted it about 75 times and the top unlatched from the windshield about an inch). Will I need to do that all the way till the top is down? ugh!

I saw the youtube link for getting the top reset and it looked pretty easy but it was not an automatic top.

Please help me the weather is getting nice again and really miss not having my top down!

Or does anybody know of a reasonable priced mechanic that could help me?

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first off...with a title like that i'm surprised you don't have 90 replies.

Now to the problem
get your hands on a drill and a bit to match the reset wrench. pop it in, spin it up, or down.

Glad i got the chance to maybe help you get your top down:)
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