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Along with the first officially showing of the new 5 Series, BMW is also displaying a new hybrid 5 Series concept at the Geneva Auto Show. Following closely after the ActiveHybrid 7 Series and ActiveHybrid X6, the Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid is powered by a 300-hp inline-six mated to a twin-scroll turbocharger – the same unit found in the 535i. This is then combined with a powerful 40kW electric motor (the motor in the 7 Series hybrid is just 15 kW) enabling this version to operate as a full two-mode hybrid. As a result, the Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid can operate on electric power, gasoline power or a combination of both. The transmission used is an eight-speed automatic.

BMW says the electric battery is located in the trunk, although it has not specified if the battery is a more advanced lithium-ion unit (like in the 7 Series) or an old school nickel metal hydride unit like the in X6.

No fuel economy numbers have yet been released, but BMW is claiming an improvement in fuel economy by roughly 10 percent. That doesn’t at first seem all that great, but we should remind you that as a hybrid BMW, the 5er ActiveHybrid is likely to also have a performance advantage over the 535i, using the electric power under normal motoring to increase acceleration.

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