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Gear selector light stays on

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Hi im new here but i have a question i hope ya'll can answer for me.....
i have a 1995 740 i.....what the problem is the light on the console that tell you what gear you are in on the auto tranny stays on even after i turn the car off and lock all the doors and arm the car....i have no clue why i does that i just bought that car and i didnt notice it before....thanks for the help
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Hey audiosolstice, just giving you a welcome greeting!! I wish I could help you out.. :unsure:
thanks for the welcome....i like ya like mine :D
thats strange...oh ya welcome :D
yeah i know it is very odd.....i checked all the fuses just to make sure and they are all good....also i did notice though that when you put the head lights on you can brighten the light that is already on and dim it but when the car is off and the lights off you can still see the lights on well and you cant adjust it with the dim switch...hmmmm
hey man welcome to the forums!

but all bmw auto trannys do that! my bros 02 e46 330i with steptronic always has the "P" light lit up.....nothing to worry about!
really......thats good news i thought for a second i was in trouble, hehe
thanks man i appreciate the help.....i wonder why they do that though? hmmm

thanks to all
so even if you take your key out you see that its in park (maybe you forgot to put it in park) but you cant take the key out with it in anything other then thinks lights look good, since my cabin in my m3 looks like a cockpit on a 747 with all the dam lights everywhere, the stereo, the shifter, the STEERING WHEEL ( i love those lights)....anything that can be lit up, is...
yeah i hear ya on that 740 has its fair share of lights too.....i also noticed that after a long time the lights go off....weird eh...also...i would like to say i have never owned a BMW before and once i sat in this one even though its a 95 i fell in love with BMW....the cars are wonderful peices of machinery
I know this thread is FOREVER old...but I just wanted to say that what you are discribing is normal operation...the light should go off after 16 minutes (approx) this is when the car goes into "sleep" mode. The AGS module is one of the last modules to "fall asleep". Freaks alot of people out until they know their car isn't broken.
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