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For anyone with any knowledge... PLEASE HELP!

We have a 2002 BMW 325i... So far, we have pretty much replaced 75% of what is under the hood. Everything seemed to be fine and dandy today; we ran errands, the car ran fine, etc. When we went to get back in the car to start it... It wouldn't turn on.

We went (more like Lyfted) and bought a cam shaft sensor at BMW and it has been replaced. That's the problem we were hoping for... But it's still not starting. You can hear it try to start but it doesn't officially "turn over," if that makes sense. Like it can't complete the transaction of just starting. That's why we got the sensor.

Now, the initial thought is the fuel pump... But we didn't have any of those "warning signs" that the internet has posted everywhere so we are feeling a bit bamboozled. There hasn't been a massive loss in acceleration or anything like that. It hasn't not eating away at our gas (in fact, it's seemed to improve lately).

We have replaced a lot of what is already under the hood, so we kind of have a hunch it's the fuel pump, but this car has lead us to one thing and it ended up being another several times. I'm hoping this is one of those times again considering the cost. The car has been leaking a little oil, but we thought maybe that would be typical considering the beast is 15 years old. Yeah, we get it, it's old. But we desperately need it to *work* as we are students, a veteran, and on a limited income.

Thanks in advance.


I can post a video later of the start-up if anyone needs to hear it!
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