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It's that time :(

LOCATION: Orlando Florida

I've decided to give my baby up to get a house closer to campus. The reason being, my payments will kick my ass if i'm stuck with them + a mortgage... so i'm taking a logical stance. This car has never, absolutely never, given me any trouble that hasn't been fixed with less than $100 (starter, brakes, plug mis-fire) and i've treated it like a king! As anyone will tell you, i never run my car hard. It was purchased from a guy in tampa who was selling it from someone living in Texas. As the Vin will run if checked. It's never been in any sort of accidents and you'd have to see how flawless the interior is to believe me.

Now i'd like to trade it for a Non-Turbo supra as i'm absolutely addicted to these cars and the ONLY reason i'd ever let it go is due to the fact that i'm having to drive 45 miles to school everyday..

so i've decided to either trade for a Non-Turbo supra, 99-02 BMW 323 or 325 +cash, or sell it for $23,000

Minor Flaws:

---The antenna stops about 2 inches from going all the way down. It's still in 100% working condition though (extends fully)---
---Was mis-firing but i changed the plugs today with NGK 6097's---
---Also put in a bottle of fuel injection cleaner---
---Left rear strut makes a small noise when you run over bumps but it's been like that since i've had it and i've never had trouble with it---
--- There's small amounts of rust along the rear hatch window---
---front bumper has small white marks due to normal wear and daily driving (nothing too noticable---
---VPC could use re-soldering (cheap labor.. maybe $60 from a local mechanic). If the wires are messed around with, the idle bounces around. I've never had trouble with it though. I taped it up a week ago. I was going to remove it and sell it for $500 locally but i havn't had time to un-install it and put the stock maf on, so i'm leaving it on. My loss, your gain.---
---Rear passenger seat has a little tear about 3 mm's wide---

Year: 1994
Black interior
97,xxx miles

Apexi Conical Air filter.
HKS Intercooler hard pipes.
HKS Super Sequential Blow-Off Valve.
Apexi Gt-spec Exhaust
RMM Downpipe
MAF eliminated by HKS VPC.
BD Fuel Damper Bypass.
New Toyota Fuel Filter.
New O2 Sensor
Timing Belt, Accessory Belt, Water Pump and Belt Tensioner replaced at 63,540 miles
Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil 10w30 every 3 month /3 thousand miles.
New Updated Upper Radiator Hose.
Toyota Red coolant completely flushed/replaced every 8~10 month + Redline Water Wetter.
Brand new Starter installed at 89,000 miles

TRD Turbo Clutch.
C's Short shifter. (Rare item, strong construction, made in Japan)
Toyota V160 Transmission Fluid.
Redline 75w90 Differential Oil.

HKS VPC (Vein Pressure Controller).
HKS Turbo Timer

APEX-i 60mm Mechanical Boost Gauge w/peak hold function.
Greddy 60mm Electronic Exhaust Temperature Gauge w/peak hold & warning.

Wheels & Tires
ADR Cypher 18x8.5F 18x9.5R
Dunlop Sport sp6000 245x35 Front (30-40, should replace soon)275x35 Rear (50-60% thread)

Stereo/Alarm System
New Headunit installed about 4 months ago

Misc. items
-- All interior carpets changed from Tan to Black including Front and rear seats. -- (looks 100 times better than the tan carpet)
--All interior panels surrounding the driver(5 pieces total) plus ash tray and shift knob were replaced with brand new factory items when the car was purchased back in 99. Still looks brand new today. ---
---RAZO aluminum racing paddles. ---
---All four brake calipers were rebuilt less than one year (thoroughly cleaned and put in new dust boots). ---
---All four brakes were resurfaced about 6 months ago from my local mechanic.---
----Cryogenically treated front rotors. ---
---Power steering system completely flushed less than a year. (with Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF)---

Please PM me for pics

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good luck on the sale, but why not fix the vpc issue before you sell it?
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