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This is a repost, simply to consolidate all the photos in one place:

I'm testing the waters here... let me know if you're interested.

First the detail:
1997 BMW 328is
Boston Green
80k miles
5 speed
Grey leather, fully loaded

The following stuff has recently been done:
- full inspection II (new tranny fluid, rear diff fluid, plugs, belts, oil change, air filter, and probably a few other things I can't recall off the top of my head).
- the wheels/tires are off an e46, they're 17x8 (no crappy knockoffs... these are OEM BMW wheels). Tires have more than half their tread.
- brake pads/rotors were done less than 10k miles ago.
- new rear shocks (Bilstein Tourings) and rear shock mounts
- new valve cover gasket

It's pretty much stock other than the wheels and the clears all around. Runs great. When I had the valve cover off to change the gasket, I got a good look at the top end, and it's clean clean clean.

Now some pics:

I know it's not the best market right now, so if the price is out of line, I'm entertaining offers.

$12,000. The bank still holds the title, so there will be a slight delay from when you take delivery of the car (i.e. when you pay me and take the car home) to when I send you the title.

Let me know if you're interested, thanks for looking. You can check out my Ebay feedback (if that kind of thing matters to you) here:

Ebay Feedback
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