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Part Number for the Retrofit Wire Harness is 51160001231

Will add any 2001 to present Premium Package Advance Mirrors to all BMW Sedans and Coupes from 1992 to 2009 with the hex shaped anchor on windshield.

The Retrofit Wire Harness will allow any year BMW to power and make use of the advanced features of the mirror such as the auto dimmer, homelink, compass and alarm blinker as well as rain sensor features.

So with some minor wiring work you will have a working advanced premium package mirror in your BMW.

I will also include the print out BMW Mirror Installation Manual as well as the DIY Instruction Manual for easily upgrading older year BMW cars that came with non-powered/non-dimming rear view mirrors to the powered/auto dimming rear view mirrors.


BMW Part 51160001231 (Int. mirror wiring loom + Auto. dip + Rain Sensor + Alarm LED +UGDO/Homelink + Compass):
For advanced power mirror retrofit installation on all BMW sedans and coupes model year 1992 to present.

ASKING $30 or best offer

email me at [email protected]
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