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FS: 18" Borbet Machine Silver Black Accent + Performance Tires - $900 OBO (Illinois)

18" Borbet XL Schwarz Wheels + Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport Tires

(Click for full size)

Price: $900 OBO

Shipping: $225 (estimate)


Description: I purchased these at the beginning of Spring for my BMW E90 3 Series, but I decided they weren't what I was looking for anymore after I attended a few car meets. These wheels are a beauty on the road and at a stand still. The black and silver mix works very well together on top of five thick split spokes. They're about 26 lbs each (wheels) and are one piece. These are very easy to clean and keep in prime condition as I have done since I bought them. I have driven on these for about 3 months at the most and logged barely 500 miles. There is NO scratches, NO dings, NO dents, NO curbing damage, etc. I am actually work as a web designer and IT professional but I work specifically in the car field. Currently I can be found at GTHAUS which manufactures exhaust systems for BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Lambo., etc. I only buy high quality products and treat them with the utmost care. If you want to know more about me or the product for your own peace of mind, feel free to contact me in the ways that I have listed at the bottom of this sale. :)

Rim Brand: Borbet
Rim Material: Steel
Rim Structure: One Piece
Rim Width: 8 (18x8)
Bolt Pattern: 5x120
Offset: 35mm
Tire Brand: Bridgestone
Tire Type: Performance
Age: 4 months
Tire Performance: Quiet, Strong Grip, Smooth

Less than 500 miles! For more specs, visit the links listed below from TireRack


Items Included:
(4x) 18" Borbet XL Schwarz Wheels
(4x) Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport Tires
(20x) Silver Alloy Wheel Lugs

Wheels and tires are already mounted and balanced for road driving already!

If you would like more information on original pricing, specs, or any other information...

WHEELS > Borbet Type XL Machined w/Black Accent

TIRES > Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport


Contacting Me:
Phone: 630-414-4184 (Text or Call)
Email: [email protected]
Website: Dan DiGangi - Personal Portfolio - 630-414-4184
Facebook: Search Daniel DiGangi


Shipping is not set in stone! I will lower the shipping costs if I can get them for lower for you! :) Check out the MSRP on these wheels (4x) and see what the total was, it was about $788 for just the wheels, your basically getting the tires for free :D




Interested in spending $25 less even? This sale is available on Ebay from me also at ...
18" BORBET XL WHEELS - BRIDGESTONE RE760 TIRES - LOW $!: eBay Motors (item 220625699992 end time Jul-01-10 00:15:32 PDT)

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