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You might find the radio removal procedure helpful.........
It might sound brutal, but we didn't do any damage.
Get help with this, someone with some strength and determination.

Because I poked the screw out of sight.......
We had to get a bit tough, and force the area, bottom left, out, so that we could see what the screw did.

We were able to operate the two latches, which travel laterally by the action of the cams on the screw. As you peek in, you can see the end of these latches. The nearest one comes toward you, push the other away, at the same time applying pressure to remove the whole thing.

What the manual does not make clear, (though it wouldn't have made any difference to me, because I was unable to make the screw turn) is when you have turned the screw, it has to stay at 90 degrees, whilst you pull out the assembly (using the cassette aperture as a gripping point) against the spring action of the 'flippers' on either side of the cassette box.
What the screw does is throw the latches that lock these springs in the out position.
I couldn't find the screw, so I have taken off the latches, and can pop the radio/cassette in/out easily.

The intermittent fault on the right side speaker was easily traced to a faulty plug/socket down behind the audio unit. It wouldn't latch together properly, so I put a screw in the side of it. This has fixed a fault that was probably there since new, but would go away as soon as you start seriously looking for it.
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