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*The planet Hard tail trials bike for sale!

Planet X Frame in Blue

Planet X Seat
Planet X handle bars
Planet X grips
Planet X Pedals

Wheels are d521 Rims

9 speed with quick shift gears

hydrolic brakes hs33 mageras in yellow.

shimano rear mech.

chain device front cog gard for jumping up walls etc.

Front suspension boombers Z3 80mm travel i think or more.

I am willing to break the bike if there are enough people interested in it.

Offers but i will take £250 the lot

*Apple Mac Computer imac for sale with a hub and zip drive and programmes like quark and illustracter and photoshop and the usaul etc it is a G3 400 64 / 10GB / DVD / FW / 56K / 8.6os more info on it then please e-mail me or somit! Offers :- I will take £300

*2 x 90 spec rear spoliers for an escort one white and one purple:- £40 each

*Bel Superwide Band Rador Detector 850i i have the ciggrette bit for it but i don't have a box or instructions for it so just make me an offer on this one.:- £40

*Neon number plate surround in red :- £20 or offers

*Base plates for m3 mirrors but they fit an escort mk 4 :- £8

*Evo 6 Vent i have one at the moment but if enough people are interested then i could get hold of some more. :- £30.

*Flamer kit but only the black box you will need to get the coil and spark plug etc to complete the kit :- Offers

*Nokia 3330 Phone :- £30

*Ashley Exhaust System from the middle section back for sale for an escort/orion :- SOLD

*19in Alloys worfrace one brand new been on car for about 1 month comes with tyres loads of tread left.

Vaxhaul Fittment but i don't know what else they fit.

Offers over £800

If anyone wants to swap anything i need a cd head unit fairly good one, I want a different exhaust aswell so if anyone has one like a rage or somit i would be very interested or strut braces let me now.

Please pm me or e-mail me [email protected] if you want any other info.
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