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So my wife and I went to get groceries and in the way back this focus sped past us. At the light where I would have turned to go home I look over at my wife and she tells me to get them. As the light turns green I casually follow her then pass her around a bend. And allow them to stop next to me at the next light. The driver of the focus is a mid twenties fugly chick. Sue revs and chirps the tires. I simply laughter.

So the light turns green and she takes off, I let her go so I can pick up some speed before the next corner and blow past her like nothing.

After that my wife says let them go, its simply a focus.

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Nice........German Engineering is definitely too much.......... for a Ford Focus! I guess they had to learn this, the hard way.....:conf

I just saw one the other day, with a big fart can under the rear bumper! :rofl

jb :)
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