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1. No engine noise! I was using the steptronic and shifting at 5500-6000 rpm's and couldn't hear the engine! Granted my daily driver is a modded C5 so it may have been that I wasn't hearing what I was used to, but man was it quiet. :thumbs

2. Power-top. nuff said. :thumbs :clap2

3. Sport seats with thigh extension were very comfortable. :thumbs

4. Not too fond of the side mirrors, my opinion is that they're very small and the bluish tint (are they electrochromatic?) is not what I expected. Guess they'll take some getting used to. :thumbsdown

5. Smoothest ride I've ever taken. Took some highway, city streets and frontage roads and the ride was impeccable. :thumbs

6. Great stereo, even if it wasn't the Harman-Kardon. 10 speakers in a 3 series vert is a lot. :thumbs

7. Did I mention that I could carry a conversation with my saleslady without yelling?

8. I was pleased with the dealership. They were very accomodating as I can't have the car delivered until Christmas Eve (daytime). They're keeping it (locked-up/top-up) on the showroom floor until then. I don't have to scramble around asking friends to store a car until Christmas. They gave me a (ever-so-slightly) price less than msrp and threw in some mats, a leather keychain and an F1 BMW teddy bear (which'll be holding the key when the wife unwraps it - like in those cheesy Lexus commercials). :thumbs


I forgot to add the coolness of the LED turn directionals and brakelights vs. conventional bulbs and also the power window express UP. Have always had express down but never up also! very cool! :naughty
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