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So heres a few problems, any answers or ideas to any of these will be awesome. I personally don’t think they are that big of deal just want to get a better idea.

#1. When I turn the steering wheel, I hear an elastic band (kind of like a rubber band stretching) is this just part of the wheel, it only does it on 50% of my turns (sounds like a pulling noise of a rubber band) it does it more in winter, but still does it once in a great while (maybe 5 times a month) in summer, no matter how warm the car is, inside and outside, car seems to still make this noise.

#2. Yesterday I left my dome light on (whew me for forgetting) jumped my car, drove it for 15mins (maybe 1-2miles) good 15mins with the car on though, parked my car, turned it off, back on, started up great. Before I even had it jumped, nothing worked, alarm system noise when I unlock was extremely faint, no lights, u get the pic.

Now today, I go to start the car, all electronics work, the alarm is loud as it always is, the lights all turn on, full power. but the car is still rolling over, not starting, I’m like 85% positive I just didn’t leave the car run long enough to gain enough power. Is this sound correct or could there be any other problems I’m not seeing?

#3. My check coolant level message has been coming up for the past month. I’ve checked it plenty of times, it’s at the perfect level, the coolant is new as of march 2009. The car runs perfect. doesn’t make any unusual noises. The message though will come on every time I start the car (just started in about November when we started to get snow/cold weather) if I park the car, turn it off, run into a gas station, run back out, start the car, the message wont pop up, guessing because the car is hot. it doesn’t over heat, sits right at the perfect mark on my dash. The other thing is also when I hit that "check" button on my dash, it says Check Cleared, All ok (or w/e it usually says) so it’s like... ok u say my coolant needs to be checked but now it’s ok 15 seconds later?

I’m just asking this so I know when I bring it in maybe I’ll be able to save some money and have some of these not fixed. (id love for them all to be fixed but clearly moneys an issue and I can only afford to get the coolant issue fixed, and an oil change)

If the battery issue is huge and I’m wrong about my guess then that needs to be fixed of course too, but any feedback that may save me some money for the time being and just basically get me to work for the next few months would be helpful.

Thank you everyone!

1998 BMW 3-series 328i Automatic. Great condition, per mechanic before i bought it, he did a full 1 hour run down and he said nothing looked replaced. everything looked great and there is not a single problem with the car. i have not driven this car like the way its suppose to, i go the speed limit, dont excelerate fast. so im treatnig it the way the car should be.

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#1 As W/S has suggested

#2 Charge the battery overnight, if it still plays up I would suspect a new battery required....battery life 3-7 years, date should be on battery.

#3 coolant level sensor = replace or check connection.
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