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I picked up a 01 325i back in march. It's got a total of 159,000KM. I have got few questions regarding the car. Pardon my ignorance i dont know much about cars.

1. How do i find out how much my tire life is left. I want to know how long should it be till i have to get them changed.

2. Also what size are my tyres. They are Sumitomo Brand the model is 225/45ZR17 90W. Pictures Below.

3. Also, what model of the Nav System i am using, incase if i need to upgrade to the 16:9 widescreen/bluetooth car kit, what would i need.

Pictures of the Nav System

Thanks for the help.


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Tyre life left, I dont know as every country has slightly different laws, google search,there will be a tread depth measurement required plus other information on tyre wear.

Size of your tyres, you answered your own question 225/45/17

Sat Nav normally you have to purchase the module to obtain 16:9 as the one you have fitted in the boot/trunk is for a 4:3., so this would have to be changed for a 16:9 module.
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