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FAKE //M Pedals

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Hi All,

1 supplier send us this set of Fake //M pedals for manual transmission.

We find it hard to place it in our catalogue and will instead get ride of this sample set.

Some months ago was it sold on Ebay around $50,- plus shipping our asking price including shipping is $30,- firm.

Only 1 set


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DAMN! And here I am with no money to spend :( .

By the way, welcome back Josephine!
i thought the ebay price is around 15-20?
nope, about 30-5 for auto and 45-50+ for manual.
Sold... Right here Josephine!! I cant talk now but i want these, ill post or whatever more info tommarow i gotta jet, I wake up at 5:10
i would snatch them up......if i had a car :(

Email me your email addy - and i'll send you a payment request.
I had first dibs, but its ok you can sell to Fox.
Hey, Cam if you want them thats alright, you got first dibs. Im just trying to find new ones but cant afford anything close to real. Mine are shot and i just spent the rest of my money on z4 shifter, which i probly dont need ;)

If you dont want them :rolleyes:
[email protected]
darn and i was getting the popcorn ready for a nice cat fight. :D
Hey, josephene did you want a payment order information or something? Should i email them to you?

All I need is a short email from you send to [email protected] with Fake //M pedals in the subject and I'll reply with a payment request.

Once payment is placed will the pedals be on their way to you.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts