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EWS III problem - no dealer access

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A brief synopsis of what the situation is:

I imported for my wife, a 318i auto yr.2000 E46 model for my wife six months ago (to replace a 93 model) from Singapore to Papua New Guinea. Soon after the starter motor solenoid need replacing….fixed, but it seems the auto electrician left the battery out for an extended period..

On trying to restart…. Nothing....dash lights, but nothing else. There are no BMW dealers in the country, to cut a long story (and a big learning curve of what computers are in BMW’s these days!). I imported a diagnostic program “Carsoft” and it gave me the attached error message. I contacted BMW AG, but after corresponding with them. There only solution was to fly and engineer with a GT1 computer here… expensive option even if I could find a person to do it.

I have corresponded with a lot of people on ways to get the car going…. The last advice was to get a new EWS 3 system. Fine if it works, but I am lead to believe I would still need a program to align the key code with the EWS?

But I read some place it is possible to re code the DME chip to override the EWS system? Is this possible? or just bypass the EWS all together?

any help would be appreciated as it is now six months since it was running.


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my 2005 545i e60 i ran out of gas then the battery died and now wont start .tryed every thing can i bypass the ews my plug is diffrent i honestly dont know what the din plug is or where this number 7 wire is please help
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