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"Euro tailights"

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Is the euro taillights for the E36 LED's? I was on Jon Sibals's site, and it looks like he has LED tailights. If so, do you guys and gals know of anywhere that sells the Euro taillights? thanks.


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i dont think they are... im pretty sure they are not. But that guy sibala has just about everything custom on his car... so i wouldnt put it past him to have had them made. Wouldnt be that hard either... i could build a kit for 10 bux out of stuff from radio shack for you to do it.
is there any kind of diagram for this? how exactly does it work? is there just one diode? yeah, lemme know what I need, and i will run down to RD later. Thanks fox. Oh, yeah, will this give me the brake light message on the OBC? thanks again.
I cant talk now i gotta get to the sack... But yea it most likely will... however with some thinkin i would be able to get rid of it i bet. Ill talk to you about it tommarow
hey dude i sent you a pm to see whats up and shit :)
nikis-place sells clear tail lights for your ride.
Hi all,

First of all, the term Euro is heavyly used in USA - everytime I see it used on a part, does it makes me wonder which part of the world I am in. Last time I looked at a map, was Denmark still located in Europe. :)

Anyway - we have a huge range of tail lights for you car, Euro or no Euro.

The Led taillights are based on the Hella Cellis technology with several "Cellis" light sources build in. Some cheaper versions are based on regular leds.

At Nikis Place have we focused on only having high quality parts, which is why we "only" have lights made in Europe.

I would love to hear about the version that Fox can do - it's always interesting to learn about new methods and ways to improve our cars - right:)
Yes, I would like to see what Nikis-place offers and see what Fox can do. Are those Hella tailights on your website? If not could you PM me some? thanks.
oh wow i didnt know that the euro lights were beans... hit us up with a pic niki. Got any for e30?

Also if anyone could find out with a voltometer the voltage and amperage that the tail light contact puts out. If i know this then i can make the brake light stay off.
Do you have clear front lights? Do you have more pictures on your car. It looks GREAT!!!! Please answear....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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