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My 525d Touring (2002) has developed a fault that no one i've taken it to seems to be able to solve.
When I accelerate SLIGHTLY aggressively (When pulling off onto an island slightly sharpish), my Beemer stutters.
By this I mean it accelerates & decelerates until I put my foot down HARD & then it picks up properly.
I can actually see my revs yo yo as I accelerate.
The only acceleration I have is SLOW (Driving miss daisy) or HARD & FAST
I have NO in between
I really can only describe it as losing power & then gaining power in 1 second intervals.

According to the last guy to check using autoboss he says it shows lack of power to turbo.
I have no really heavy smoke from the rear exhaust (Unless I drop my foot heavily on the gas).

I've change ALL the seals on my inlet manifold as he thoguht there may be an air leak.
But apart from a very small leak from my intercooler ( I couldn't see it but he said he could), I cannot find any further leak areas.
He says he checked ALL the pipe work & it seems "OK".

The History on my car is:-
1. The dreaded Butterfly valve issue - changed 4 valves.
2. When the head was placed back on it blew one of my pistons ( Moron who replaced valves unconnected wrong valve which then destroyed one of my pistons) - It now has an extra 4 new valves & NEW pistons etc.

It was "OK" after repair (So far as I can remember) but seems to have developed this issues 5/6 months later.
I have NO oil leaks anywhere either.

PLEEEEEEEEEASE help me as I can't accelerate with passengers in my car without embarrassing myself. (it's either full on or driving miss daisy mode)

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Maybe dirty injectors, blocked fuel filter, dodgy air flow sensor or possibly throttle position related issue. I am just guessing, but theyd be worth a look.
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