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Engine management light, need urgent help!

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hi, I got a bmw e46 318ci 2000 model, I have this engine management light coming on and puit it on diagnostics , came up with three faults O2 sensor limit, crankshaft,mixture adaption. So I changed both O2 sensors, crankshaft and put a new throttle body and the man reset the light. Now after driving the car for few miles the light came on and the engine started being shaky again and the rav needle isnt stable the i brought bak to the garage to put it bak on computer to check what gone wrong, it came up with O2 sensors limit. Plz help me with your suggestions as I cant afford to go go to garrage as they keep telling me different things.
Thank you and i would be very greatful to you for coming bak to me.
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Have the catalyzers been checked?
Have the catalyzers been checked?
first thanks for ur replywhat is that? Can you plzz clearify this part for me, I can get it checked today, The thing is I dont want garrage to give me their suggestions and keep changing the parts and I end up keep paying and not resolve the problem. Plzz tell me what other reasons could it be? so I can check it out today.
Once again thanx for ur quick reply
Those are the exhaust catalytic converter(s). Your issues can be the result of those going bad.
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