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Uprated road and track brake pads now available for the latest generation of BMW’s sports coupe/saloon

The launch of an all-new BMW M3/M4 is always a milestone occasion in the world of performance motoring. And with its striking styling and potent powertrain, the introduction of the G8X-series of this beloved vehicle line in early 2021 was no exception to the rule.
Because M3 and M4-badged machinery is almost exclusively driven by those looking for optimum driver thrills on road and track, EBC Brakes is pleased to announce a new range of high-performance upgrade brake pads for all variants of the G8X BMW M3/M4 line-up – available now from your preferred EBC Brakes stockist.
EBC Brakes Yellowstuff
Ultimate Street Pads
– EBC Brakes’ flagship fast road and light track pad
– Excellent cold bite and high temperature fade resistance
– Drastically reduced stopping distances compared to OE equivalents
– Progressive braking with unparalleled pedal feel
– Ideal for: fast street driving and occasional track days

EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX
Fast Street/Track Pads
– Fastest street, race and track material with highest friction from cold
– Fantastic bite from cold making it suitable for street use
– Surface scorched to eliminate ‘green fade’ and reduce bed-in time
– Ideal for: fast street driving, track days and racing
EBC Brakes Racing RP-1 Pads
One of EBC’s Most Extreme Brake Pad Formulas to Date
– Superb modulation gives unprecedented control and feel throughout each braking event
– Extremely low wear rate with stable friction coefficient, even under the harshest on-track driving conditions
-Pads come thermally bedded, eliminating ‘early-life’ fade and minimising bed-in time
-Stainless-steel backing plates reduce heat conduction, lowering caliper operating temperature
– Ideal for: track/race driving in modern, heavily-servo’d cars [NOT ROAD LEGAL]

EBC Brakes Racing RP-X Pads
High-Performance Motorsport Race Pad
– Extremely high friction coefficient across the entire temperature range
– High initial bite and impressive brake power, all with reduced pedal effort
– 100% brake effect from cold
-Stainless-steel backing plates reduce heat conduction, lowering caliper operating temperature
– Ideal for: race/sprint driving in high-powered vehicles [NOT ROAD LEGAL]

Get Yours
Suitable for:
– G80 BMW M3 (2021- ) (inc. Competition models)
– G82 BMW M4 (2021- ) (inc. Competition models)
– G83 BMW M4 Convertible (2021- ) (inc. Competition models)
Part numbers:
Yellowstuff – DP42454R (front) & DP42089R (rear)
Bluestuff – DP52454NDX (front) & DP52089NDX (rear)
RP-1 – DP82454RP1 (front) (available from mid-late July)
RP-X – DP82454RPX (front) (available from mid-late July)
(PLEASE NOTE: These pads are not suitable for cars with the optional carbon ceramic brake upgrade fitted.)

Where to buy EBCBrakes Products - EBCBrakes4U
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