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Hi All,

Newbie post would appreciate some help?

I have a 2005 E90 320i - I have had a small oil leak where I can see oil collect on the metal plate that sticks out under the cylinder head, I can also seel oil at the back of the cylinder, when I run a tissue around the back.

I have had the profile gasket replaced, and the problem went away for about a week , but now its back!? - Small collection of oil on the metal plate an oil on tissue when run around the back of the cylinder head.

Its very hard to pin point exactly where its from but checking from the top to bottom it seems to start at the cylinder head.

My problem is what is it - I called BMW in Europe and UK and they tell me they never really have to sell or replace the complete cylinder head (plastic housing). My mechanic has suggested it could be warped but to be honest the oil leaks seems lower down and this part is about £250 without labour!

Anyone able to help or had the same problem.

Many thanks
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