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Hey all So I brought a pioneer head unit from halfords, along with 2 iso connectors that the guy in the shop Said I needed, after getting everything plugged together, no joy.

The car currently has bmw business cd installed, upon inspection I noted that the red wire in my 3rd party connecter does not connect to a wire on the bmw's connecter block, I have some photos

This is the block in the bmw

This is the back of the block, I cut the red and green wire, to try and attach it to the third party connector, as this red and green wire didn't touch nothing on the 3rd party terminal

3rd party connector from halfords, I put a small piece of paper in the photos so to block out the speaker wires

I am guessing the little bundle or transparent black and yellow wire, in picture 2, is not realivent and is for phones?

so what I am trying to do basically is connect, the red/green, brown, orange/green, green, red/grey, black wires in picture 2 to the
Blue, yellow, red, black wires in picture 3, can anyone help thank you for you're time.

PS I know it looks like the red wire from picture 3, hits the green/red wire in picture 2, but it doesn't, the green/red wire was not in the bottom terminal, as the red wire in picture 3 is.
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