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The doors open from the lock and the windows open about 1-2 times a month by themselves.

I've been explaining this for 2-3 months now, but I can't find the fault myself.
There is no fault code coming from this in any way, or at least I didn't notice that there was a fault code.
Now the help would be very useful.

Could, for example, the micro-switch of the driver's door lock do that?
Or as it was said somewhere that the SGM module could solve this problem?
However, the SGM Module is green in the ISTA module tree.

Before When someone says that they are sure that the button is not pressed at the bottom, then:
The key has run out of battery. In other words, nothing happens from the button on the key.

As I explained, I lock the doors from inside the car with the button on the center console and lock the driver's door from the door.
In addition, I make it a point to bring the key inside and check that the doors are locked when the key is on the table in my room.
And yet in the morning the doors are unlocked and the windows open

What could do this problem.?
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