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E46 Rear Window Regulator Lumber Jack Quick Fix DIY (NO Duct Tape)

If your regulator just failed immediately you will find that your window will not stay up unless you duct tape the hella-out of it. Even then your car will look like crap and someone can just pull your window and get into your car.

I'm waiting for a new regulator to come in and I need my window to stay up until then without use of tapes or duct tape.

I got this idea from Kurt V.

Power drill

1" thick/3-4" wide/no shorter than 10"/no longer than 15" lumbar scrap board or firm piece of plywood.

The space between the bottom of the glass window and bottom floor cavity inside the rear door is about 20" (20 inches).
The pictures should pretty much explain what I did...

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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