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E46 M3 important info (2001-up)

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BMW to extend warranty on current M3's
Engine failures force warranty extension

Here is a copy of the letter going out to customers who fall in to this category...

Extended Warranty on all S54 Engines in M3 coupe, convertible and M roadster and coupe model year 2001, 2002, and until further notice, current production 2003 (Vehicle Identification Number specific).

Dear Valued M Enthusiast,

We hope that you are continuing to enjoy your M car and that your BMW ownership experience is everything you hoped it would be. At BMW of North America we are committed to maintaining a level of automotive and service excellence that exceeds your expectations now and in the future. We are grateful to you for your passion and enthusiasm for M cars.

BMW has always maintained an open dialogue with our valued customers and BMW centers. As you may be aware, we have seen cases of damage to the connecting rod bearings resulting in engine failure. We are listening to your comments and concerns and have been meticulously researching this issue. We promise to keep you informed of any issues that affect your vehicle’s engine.

To further strengthen your confidence in your BMW and assure you of our commitment, we will extend the warranty on the above referenced vehicle identification number for all internal mechanical engine components that are lubricated by engine oil to 6 years or 100,000 miles whichever comes first. Enclosed is a copy of the extended warranty statement for your records. Please insert this page into your Service and Warranty booklet, as it is transferable to any subsequent owner.

We continue to recommend that you only use BMW approved SAE10W-60 synthetic oil in your engine. Please be aware that your engine needs to be at operating temperature before you take advantage of its full power at high engine speeds. Please do not overrev the engine under any circumstances. Be careful not to pump the accelerator pedal when there is no engine load, e.g. when the vehicle is not in motion. The best, most efficient and safest way to warm up an engine is to drive with moderate engine speeds until you reach the operating temperature.

We assure you that we stand behind our product and will always continue to listen to our customers. If you have any additional questions please contact your authorized BMW center or call Customer Relations at 1-800-831-1117.

We wish you many more safe and thrilling miles in your M car.


Hans G. Duenzl
Vice President,
Aftersales & Engineering
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a quote from hans :"Please do not overrev the engine under any circumstances."



peter :guns

p.s. i raced an e30 m car. it was old (125,000 kilometers), and it bloody had no problems being "overreved". it worked, like one expects from a bmw.

build it correctly, arsehole.
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