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I have a 330 CI 2004 convertible with nav and hk. It doesn’t appear as if there is a separate amp for the subwoofer like the coupes have (or al least I can’t find it). If there is one, can someone tell me where I would find it. If there isn’t, can I wire in the amp from the coupe to increase sub base?

also, looking online it appears the subwoofer for the convertible has two channels in the single speaker (four wires). The amps that I’ve seen online for the subwoofers only have two wires coming out to (though apparently they drove two speakers). if I can wire the amp in what are used to amps (one for each channel) or is there another way to wire it?

Also, I added Bluetooth with a ULF, I have two problems I’ve got it working and it paired, but the volume is extremely low. I know I can add in the 10 W amplifier (that Bav used to sell) between the ulf and the radio, rather than having to cut into the main harness, is there any reason I can’t add the amplifier directly before the Bluetooth speaker? Also where is the Bluetooth speaker located I know it’s somewhere in the center – but I can’t seem to easily find it and would prefer not to have to rip out the entire dish to find a 1 inch speaker.

Finally I know the ULF has voice recognition for both Bluetooth and NAV, I can’t figure out how to either activate it or if I have to wire something else in. I’ve seen some DIY’s they talk about a jumper cable attached to a blue connector, but I can’t find that connector. My car was pre-wired for telephone I looked in the website of wires with the connector for the ULF words, it will fuck for connectors and the three pin power connector outlet connector for a jumper cable.Can anyone tell me what I have to do or where I have to connect whatever it is I have to connect to enable voice recognition (my steering wheel has the button for it so I assume it was pre-wired)

Any help on any of these will be greatly appreciated thank you Richard
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