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Would anybody have any suggestions on traction of the line and 2nd gear.

My ride:
2000 e46 323ci
Engine mods:
cai/ k&n
2.5" exhaust,1 resonator,no cats,reactive muffler(dual tips)
ebay headers
voltage stablizer
75 shot dry nos kit (push button)
3.46 differential swap
obx power pulleys
Iat mod (resistor)
eibach sport springs
front and rear strut bars
18" mille miglia emotion ssl (front 235/35, Rear 255/35)
new subframe from bmw(recall) Free!!!
carbon fiber hood
fully kitted
m3 led tailights
hid (8000) ccfl angel eyes

My first gear spins to the rev limiter if i launch over 2.5k rpm without nos and
my second gear spins almost throughout the whole 2nd gear especially if its cold outside. i have new tires in the rear and a fresh front end alignment.
any suggestions would be great. i think my car has the most power in 1st and 2nd gear but due to spinning, it loses alot of distance when dragging.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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