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Hello all,
Just joined and I need some help.
Some time back, I tried to clear a code that was stubborn and wouldn't clear. So I disconnected the battery and discharged the system. Waited 10min. and reconnected the battery. The code was still there and unfortunately, I could no longer adjust the clock. I could toggle between 12 & 24hrs., but I couldn't change the time.
I've been living with it it being +/-12 minutes off, not good but tolerable. But now that it's DST, it really isn't good. Last week I was replacing rear struts and disconnected the battery so I could remove the liners covering the top of the strut bolts. Finished the struts, put it all together, and now the clock has no digits showing just "--|--". The center line is blinking like a second timer, but no numbers.

I'd really like to get my clock back. Fixes? Suggestions?
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