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2001 E46 Ti compact auto, the handbook says 316Ti but the car is actually 1.8 L motor and is quite different to my 1996 E36 1.8 sedan manual and my 2001 E46 318i auto which both have the same looking engine .

Can you please confirm what engines they N42,n43 ??? the 316Ti is a much newer looking motor and I think is a Vannos Motor not that I know what that actually means but its much harder to work on as covered with plastic covers so that I can't even see the spark plugs to even know which side they are on.

I cleaned the engine bay with a power washer however was very careful not to spray into the ECU and main relay box in the right-hand side of the engine bay )looking from outside of the car back at it , also the manual says the battery should be in the engine on the left side however it is in the boots and the brake booster is in that position.

Help, please
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