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I have a 2003 E39, with 100k. I just replaced the O2 sensors, spark plugs, and installed the Bavarian Autosport High performance ignition coils. Ever since then, my engine service light comes on, the idle bounces, and there is a loss of power that comes and goes. Even when I reset the fault codes, the light comes back on and the cycle continues.

I even took it in to the dealer, who charged me over $1,000 to fix a vacuum leak...which didn't solve the problem.

I installed the aFe cold intake kit and the bavarian autosport power programmer at 83k miles, and the car was fine until the recent round of upgrades.

Now I get these fault codes:

19 - Ignition coil, cyl #1
Ca - fault code memory error
Cb - lambda control #2
E3 - EKAT - status 14 - plausibility check of battery disconnect switch
E4 - automatic start output
F0 - misfire, cyl #3
F3 - misfire, cyl #6
Ef - misfire, cyl #2
Ee - misfire, cyl #1
F2 - misfire, cyl #5
F1 - misfire, cyl #4

Any ideas?
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