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Can anyone help with pointers or instructions on how to install a rear power sunshade in an e39 that currently does not have a rear sunshade?

Beyond the rear shade, what other parts are needed?
Anyone have instructions or tips for installation?
Is this a do it yourself project or a shop installation?

Thanks all

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E39 Power Shade Retrofit

I successfully retrofitted OEM E39 POWER REAR SHADE last week for my 1999 BMW 528i SPORT PREMIUM PACKAGE.

FYI it's the best to change the rear speaker since you're already there if you want to upgrade.

First of all you need to make sure you have 4 hours of free time to do this project correctly. This can be costly but with research and finding other source ex. Ebay, Craigslist and Local Junkyards stay away from the dealer you can get this project less than $200 - $500.

Here's what you need:

*The Rear Shade assembly (find one in ebay, craigslist or junkyards) cost range from $75 to $200 most of the time they sell it with motor and rear parcel panel is included.)

*The rear parcel panel.

*Yellow and White OEM wires or you have to find two different colored wires about 15ft long (2X).

*Tie wraps, if you want to heat-shrink the wire get a heat gun.

*Other expensive part is the center console switch for the rear shade depending on what options your car have or what you are planning to upgrade. Dealer charged ($600 just for that one set switch which includes the rearshade switch, DSC or ASC, PDC, two heated switch, Europe and asia only have massage seats thats what i want next time... I found mine in Ebay for alot cheaper because mine have heated, DSC and rear shade added.

Thats all the part you need.

For the installation. It's a PITA!!! but it's worth it!

-Remove the rear headrest, the seats, check BMW E39 5-series information and links for instructions.
-Need 10mm socket with 3/8 rachet to removed the bolt to free the seats.
-Remove the seat belt bolt using 17mm socket

-Remove the side lights pillar using a small screw driver prying it off carefully.
-Be very careful remove the side pillars not to break the plastic clips (very brittle i broke mine so many times)

-Remove the black parcel cover behind the seat using a plastic tab prying tools

- Facing the rear parcel panel from inside the car. Pull the parcel towards you slowly they could get stuck you have to move it side by side.

-Once the parcel is remove you will see that you can clear the bolt holes for the rear shade is gonna be located. Also this is the best time to change your speaker if you want since it's pain in the ass removing this parcel....

Once you secured the new parcel in place. Prepare you wiring. You can heatshrink the wire if you want them protected.

You can test them first using the OEM switch with your White wire pin to connector # 15 and Yellow wire to #14.

Run it on the passenger side with all the wiring run through and tie wraps them as you go.

Remove the inner door sill by sliding them off. Again be careful not to break the plastic clips.

Do some test before putting everything back together.


Please let me know if you have any other questions or something you want to share...

My upgrades:

DINAN 5 cold air intake
Hella Halo HID headlight from 2003 540i
Hella Tail lights with diodes from 2003 530i
rear cup holder coverted to pocket compartment.
Power Rear shade.

My next project is Massage Seats and Integrated Ipod then Navigation

My next upgrade is M tech rear bumper.
Front bumper Lip
Hammaan PG1 wheels.
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