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Hey all, I purchased an OBD diag tool, and I tried it on both my 3 and 5 series. My wife's three series that doesn't idle had no problems. That is a subject for another thread. The five, which runs great, has three error codes.

1. Error code 19: Pre 02 Sensor heater problem
2. Error Code F5/F6: Secondary air system flow too low, cylinders 1-3, and 4-6.

Do I need a fluke to test number 1? Is there a test other than replacing parts that more seasoned BMW enthusiasts/mechanics know about? I'm humble in my limited auto repair skills, so if your explanations are tailored to a 10 year mechanic's apprentice, I appreciate that. For no. 2, other than checking the hoses, is there anything I can do before plunking in new parts? Testing the secondary air pump/valve? If hoses/parts are dirty, what options do I have for cleaners? How does one test these parts?

I'm new to this site and intermediate auto repair (beyond fluid changes and air filters). Any advice is appreciated...

Thank you,
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