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Hi, I really hope someone can enlighten me on this one.

I have a 2002 E39 that is fitted with a standard BMW Business Radio/Cassette (1 peice unit with flat pins). I wish to replace it with a seperate CD53 and MID.

My problem is that the plug from the old cassette to the new CD is fine, but there is no wiring plug etc. connection for the MID unit.

I have scored google etc. but all examples and references are towards upgrading older style E39's require wiring adapters to go from round to the flat pins for the Radio/Cassette to CD connection, but no mention of the MID.

With no lose or redundant cables behind the Rad/Cass, I presume the connection for the MID would come from the main flat pin plug! If so which one's? Is there an adapter available that would do this?

Please any help or advice would really be appreciated, plus it would save the few hairs left on my head...!
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