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have a 318i that had idling issues, use to run up and down the revs really badly nearly cutting out at some points, checked the usual plugs distributor, leads, maf, icv etc, checked them all more or less, but what i found it to be and this might sound daft, was that there was air in my water system,
i had checked all available problem areas, i happened to be changing the rubber fuels lines on the car and as you may the top inlet manifold has to come away to get access to the rubber pipes, when i was undoing the water pipe that runs through the carbeurettor area ( one in and one out) i heard the hiss of air as i taking it off, thought that was strange, but carried on and replaced the pipes, put it all back together and ran the engine to bleed the water system, got it all done and there hasnt been an issue with the revs running up and down since, that was almost 3 months ago, the car runs great now and im still enjoying it,
so to those that have a problem of this sort, try bleeding the water/coolant system first before paying someone a lot of money to tell you something different. thanks guys and gals
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