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E36 M3 "ppppppp" odometer reading

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I'm looking into a car that has had this problem. The odometer apparently had a reading error and said "pppppppp" where the milage should have been. Does anyone know about this? Should I stay away from getting this car?
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It's possible the odometer was tampered with. It may be possible to get a true reading off the circuit board.
I had the same thing with mine. I am assuming it was because I had to disconnect my battery anytime I didnt have it running. It had done the pppppp thing and then it had said "code" there also. It got to the point where the cluster never worked again, no speedo no tach or anything until I went and bought a new one. Now its all good. Hopefully that helps a little
It does. Thanks for all the help! Now about the circuit board... is this the only way to possibly get the exact milage?
Most likely. There should be a memory chip that has the correct reading.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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