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So heres the story. I damaged the frame in my 9/95 m3. I then bought a completely gutted shell of a production date 4/94 325is. I swapped over everything, literally everything.

So heres where the problems start. So now your going to say duh ews-2.
I talked to turner motorsports and they claimed there ews2 delete chip would fix that problem.

The symptoms are... all the electronics work around the car, fuel pump primes, no check engine light, and there is a whine around the intake when you turn the key to the on position, which im guessing is the fuel rail.

When you go to start the car there is nothing, no crank, no start no nothing...
The engine is grounded properly, the starter is grounded and has proper volts. Also jumped the solenoid and it does turn over the engine.

This is my first official thread... and yes i have searched alll over the internet, so any help would be greatly appreciated.:conf:facepalm
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