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i drive a 1992 325is,(auto) with 150K... a few weeks ago only when racing or hard acceleration there was banging or clunking, coming from under the E-brake area, almost sounded and felt like the back tires hopping up and down as if i where chirping gears in a riced honda. The tranny IS NOT slipping or banging ect. now over time it has progressivly gotten worse, it started doing it when rpms jump, now i cant even accelerate, i have to feather tyhe gas OH SO lightly or else, it clangs and bangs almost sounding like the driveshaft is slapping against the chassis. i have to accelerate extremely slowly, and lightly or else it clanks and bangs, it takes me 5 mins to get to 40mph

can it be the guibo? or mount that keeps the driveshaft in place?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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