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E36 Electrics

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So I've just got my '94 E36 320i se and love it already.

However, I have noticed that all the electrics seem to be a little on the slow side. Never having had electric anything before was wondering if this is normal?

When the drivers side window gets about 2-3" from the top going up or down it shudders (but i think this is more to do with dirty window seals).

The sunroof is painfully slow, like a toy that you turn on and then realise that the batteries are about to die. The small amount of friction generated by the roof lining seems to kill it. :rofl

Even the central locking seems a bit on the slow side, although it works, so im not really bothered about the speed of that.

I have also noticed that the windows/sunroof dont seem to be automatic, one of the rear windows did it once but i havent been able to work out if it was because it was meant to or because the button got stuck. :p

Anyway, wall over, if anyone has any tips/advice leave a post, thanks!

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greeese all the windows and ur sun roof they are too dry
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