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Looking for some help regarding the central locking on my '98 328i convertible.

If I use the key in the door all the locks work as they should for locking and unlocking. However the remote function on the fob won't function at all.
I've tried programming the key by turning the key to pos 1 then out holding unlock and lock 3 times. Fob flashes as it should (from what I've seen in vids) but car doesn't respond. I've checked fuses and all appear to be ok, considering just changing them all anyway.
I've checked the wiring in the boot and everything is in tact there.
Is it worth just replacing the locking relay (A104 or whatever number it is behind the glove box) and hoping for the best or can't be the problem given that the system works fine, just not remotely?

Either I'm missing a post but i can't find much relating to a working locking system just not the car and fob talking sorry if I've missed a post about it, just lost on where to look next.
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