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E36 318i

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sup all. i need some opinions. i have a friend who is selling his white 96/97 318i. i think its going for like 7-8k. its got a full body kit, full system, angel eye headlamps HID kit, dropped, rims, tints, alarm, intake, exhaust, and he re-did the interior seating in white leather with blue pinstripes around the seat. his friends say theres nothing wrong at all with the car. i saw it from the outside, and theres no body damage. this car is IMMACULATE. interior from what i saw was very nice. he raced a guy in an eclipse and it looked like it had good pickup/speed. in my purchase for a car im not really having speed as a huge factor, cuz basically i drive to work, i drive home. thats about it. i go out on the weekends and of course i'd like a car to turn heads (as this one does). im not gonna race this thing (one of my friends got really fucked up in a racing accident so thats really deterred me). best of all its a 5-speed. the only thing is that its got somewhere in the region of 90-100k on the odometer. my sisters boyfriend builds race engines and he says its could have like 50k on it--and even if i need to do it before, he says he can really hook me up with rebuilding the engine. any thoughts? pleeeeeease advise on this one.
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100k miles is nothing on a bmw...and thats a very good deal and you never want to buy a 318 if its an auto...thats like a civic :lol:
Originally posted by Fruityone@Apr 25 2003, 07:04 AM
100k miles is nothing on a bmw...and thats a very good deal and you never want to buy a 318 if its an auto...thats like a civic :lol:
so with all the stuff it has you think its a good deal? i gotta talk with this guy to make sure he doesnt sell it!
Well first welcome qbancrackr!! As far as the ride fruityone is right..bimmers go along way w/ our 'bulletproof' engines regardless..but it does depend somewhat on how it was driven and taken care of..

As I see it, when you mod your ride you will not get back the return when you sell w/ that said, let's take the 'core' of your ride and see..
Do do a carfax as a guide on it's 'history' and here's a link to also give you a guide on $$..*
well, if he raced it he prolly fucked up the clutch pretty bad... that can get ugly... (with 100k mi)
the problem with suped up cars is that they probably been over revved!
Sounds like a great car. the 318 isn't terribly fast, and if he liked to launch it, not race, but launch, then I'd be weary of the clutch. Other than that, I drive mine like its stolen everyday and no problems to speak of with over 35K miles of ownership.
as long as you take care of um BMW's can have tons of miles on um and be just fine, my 525i when I sold it had 120,000 and it's still running like a dream almost 3 years later (I sold it to a friend) :)
same thing I drove the SIHT out of it

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