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Hi i have an e34 520i manual transmission.
This morning when i went to start the car it seemed a little slower than normal to start "but it did start".
I went shopping but when i returned to the car it would not start,no click no whir,nothing.
I had it towed home and here is my information for you to look at.
I have a constant "12v" present at the large terminal on the starter.
I have "12v" present at the small terminal when the ignition is turned as if i was to start it.
I have "12.98v" within the battery.
I think the above sounds correct even though it wont start.
I removed the starter and carried out a bench test of which it worked each time fine ??
I re-fitted the starter to the car and made sure that the "v" was still present etc like mentioned above,of which it was.
I turned the key and the car started fine.
I then took it for a drive and stopped on a hill and then switched off the ignition.
When i then tried to start the car with the key nothing at all.
With the ignition switched on i can bump it fine and the car then starts.
I have stopped on a hill 5 times and 5 times it wont start on the key but will bump fine every time ????
With the ignition switched off and in second gear i let it roll slightly down the hill thinking the starter might have a bad spot etc once the ignition is switched off and by moving the car in gear would move it past this bad spot so when i then try to start it on the key it would start ok,this did not start the car either.
One thing i did notice that every time it wont start on the key at the point where you turn the key to actually start it the brake pad warning light on the dash comes on and when you release the key it goes out.
Not sure if that helps you but i have NEVER seen this light come on until now when i try to start the car.
Please can you give me some advice going by my findings listed above.
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