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We are cleaning out the attics at our Family Shop and have a lot of NOS 318 & 325 Parts. So far I have identified and checked the following parts. Doors for Sedan & Coupes, Full Quarters Sedan & Coupes, Lower front Valances, Wheels, One Trunk Lid, LT FRT Shock Tower (Not M3), Axle Support, Impact Absorbers, LT Front Frame Rail. Manual Radiators, One Windshield so far. Please call or text me (Barb) at 973-930-2331. Prices are from 200-75 depending on the part.
Here is a word doc link of the inventory inventory with prices and part numbers.

I tried to insert for you, but it is larger than the 19.5kb the forum allows. I'm working on my Album pictures, these are the allowed five I can insert in the thread

We use to restore E30's in the 80's and 90's, all parts were purchased from Hoffman BMW in Bloomfield, who went out of business a long time ago.
I have sold some parts on Ebay, but not really into the shipping aspect anymore


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