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Leg room or back support, or a seat that sits at the wrong height, can cause poor posture and lack of control. 5 element should be considered: seat tilt, angle, and height; leg room; and lumbar support.

When replacing driver seat component, you’d better do the driver seat adjustment, also if not, fault code will be generated.

The car in this case is Porsche Cayenne 2013, and the fault code is 000D02-Forward/backward adjustment of motor.


Do not interrupt the process, so set the backrest to the upright position at the beginning.

Clear all the objects might get stuck and ensure no one is in the car.


Choose the correct car model and system(driver seat memory)

Display hints: need to code the ECU before standardizing seat motor

Display warning: ensure there no other fault codes stored other than driver seat position

And then the tool will communicate with car computer to do the backwards correction and then forward correction.

The whole process is complete.

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Adjust the height of the seat to ensure that the vision can clearly observe the road information;

In addition, the angle of the back of the seat should be adjusted to ensure that the waist is comfortable;

Also adjust the front and rear position of the seat to ensure that both hands can control the steering wheel comfortably.
BMW suv is high so it is easier for you to adjust the seat.
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